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HazAcademy – PPE Training Days at Hazchem Safety

The Hazchem Academy was born out of our concerns about the lack of training when visiting companies in the industry and sensing the pressure that is on Health and Safety professionals to make decisions on matters as diverse as fire evacuation procedures through to chemical break-through times on chemical suits. Very often it seems as though there is not the time to adequately research the requirement leading to choices being made which are sometimes ineffective and at worse unsafe. Risk assessments, choosing the correct PPE for the task and ensuring that it is worn correctly are all as important as the customary checks about the EN standards and comfort of PPE. Having gone through the detailed selection PPE procedure it is most important to train staff about the dangers to their health in the workplace and the correct use and care of PPE.

The goal of the Hazchem Academy is to bring increased awareness of the hazards which are faced in the key sectors we work in and how best your people can be protected from harm to their health. This involves using industry professionals from key manufacturers, test houses, training companies and, most importantly, industry to bring the latest practises and products to you. Forums and training days at our centrally-placed training facility in Brackley enable a larger number of people to benefit from industry intelligence and provide an excellent opportunity for networking within your industry. The Hazchem training facility is easy to access from the M1 or M40 and is recently refurbished with comfortable breakout facilities.

Bench and chairs in the breakout area at Hazchem Headquarters

The scope of current training includes:

  • PPE Forums – Including networking
  • ARC Flash Training – on-site tool-box talks also available
  • Spill control – First responder and train-the-trainer. Available at your site or at the Academy
  • Face fit training – Testing and/or train-the-trainer. Available at your site or at the Academy
  • ADR Awareness Training

We are constantly expanding the scope or training so please be in touch if you are interested in additional training. Our customers also make use of the facility for regional meetings due to the central location. Please contact us if you would like to book the facility.

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