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Company History

From Small Beginnings

Established in the UK in 1978. Hazchem Safety Ltd. started out as a small family-run company supplying the specialist equipment and signage required to comply with legislation regulating the transport of Hazardous materials. This developed over the subsequent years as the industry fought to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of Government legislation.

history of the company from the beginning to now


In 2004 Hazchem entered a new and exciting era with its acquisition by investors from the well-established Beta Group, bringing new value, expertise and products to its loyal and established customers. Under the new leadership of a successful UK entrepreneur, Hazchem was to see massive changes and developments over the ensuing years.

Jump top last year, and after a huge step forward for Hazchem in the acquisition of Askas, further developing their ability to serve the oil and gas distribution industry and bringing new expertise in the supply of corporate workwear.

And today, we are serving more industries than ever before, manufacturing technical garments and offering bespoke items such as driver’s jackets to large firms such as Eddie Stobart.