Innovation | Hazchem


Receive the highest standards of PPE advice from experts in your sector

Hazchem Safety is a key player in the core industries we serve, meeting their needs with the highest standards of advice and expertise

Innovation drives all aspects of our business. The company is founded on the belief that it should grow to meet the demands of the customer. There are several ways we achieve this:

Aligning products requests to our customers’ needs

Each new product request is discussed with the client and internally to best align it with the application in mind and ensure it adheres to the standards each product protects against.

Online technology — Hazchem Lynx

Our online ordering portal allows customers to efficiently authorise orders company-wide and report on company, depot or individual. Schedule order renewals and track your orders online for 360-degree visibility of the process.

PPE/Workwear forums to showcase suppliers’ latest products and innovations

We frequently run educational days with suppliers, where we deliver relevant educational talks on product innovations and equipment training.

Garment recycling

Secure and environmentally friendly, our garment recycling system allows uniform to be removed in bulk and responsibly disposed of, avoiding any potential risk of the items getting into the wrong hands.

Haztec’s own-brand comfortable technical workwear

Professional technical clothing meets the standards needed to keep your staff safe and compliant in our Haztec technical workwear, designed using the latest testing technology for your reassurance.